Top 10 Warning Signs

The Top 10 Warning Signs

If you are concerned about a parent’s memory loss or similar changes, you are not alone.  Memory loss is an increasing concern of older people and can signal a genuine medical problem.

“Something just doesn’t seem right!” you say to yourself.

“I forget things too sometimes, but it’s like he just can’t remember anything!”

Or maybe you’ve noticed other changes that are making you uneasy…

After age 40 most of us notice that we have moments of forgetfulness. If we know others with a disease or condition that causes memory impairment, we may be extra sensitive or concerned about these memory lapses.

Are memory loss and dementia the same thing?

Although many of us are aware of some mild changes in memory as we age, those with more serious memory loss often do not recognize their symptoms. Repeated questions, forgetting whole events, and getting lost in familiar places are just a few of the common signs of memory loss that are not associated with normal aging.

People with dementia experience difficulties with communicating, learning, thinking, and reasoning that are severe enough to affect their work, social activities, and family life.

Look for these Top 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimers and dementia

1. Recent memory loss that affects job skills
2. Difficulty performing familiar tasks
3. Difficulty finding the right word when speaking
4. Difficulty remembering the date, or feeling lost
5. Loss of judgment
6. Placing items in unusual locations
7. Difficulty with abstract thinking
8. Changes in mood or behavior
9. Changes in personality
10. Loss of “get-up-and-go”

If you or someone you know has any of these symptoms, you should contact your physician for a complete medical examination. For more information on how to get a diagnosis and information on the various causes of dementia, follow the links listed below:

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