6 Ways To Stay Young

You’ve heard the saying that the brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised. Well new research is showing us there are specific activities we can do keep a…

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  • Vlad Staz:

    you should learn Japanese! It’s really interesting (in my opinion) and
    would be something totally different (like opposite end of the language
    spectrum) going from English to a very complex East Asian language.

  • dragonsred9:

    Learn German

  • KarmaTheLoudMouth:

    Alice Cooper makes a lot more sense now if singing keeps you young…I mean
    seriously the guy hasn’t aged past fifty he looks phenomenal! (and no, he
    doesn’t do Botox he has crows feet like you wouldn’t believe.)

  • Rin Bijoux:

    My grandfather lived healthy in body & mind until about 84, he is still
    alive but now has dementia & his body is also deteriorating parallel to his
    mind. He was like 60 at 80 & he did Sudoku, crosswords & walked. He also
    did a lot of traveling though so he was constantly learning history and new
    languages but it didn’t last forever. The one thing that’s definite for all
    of us is that we will die, so we should get used to the idea before then. :)

  • Hassan Selim:

    Arabic? I dare you :D
    (and by Arabic I mean the formal original Arabic, not the heavily modified
    accents/variations we speak now)
    or if you want to overload your brain with weird grammatical constructs …
    try German :D

  • Cryptobelle:

    wasnt trying to be rude by the way, keep in mind you cant read tone of
    voice in comments. But i think the way i worded it would be read as rude by
    most people even though if i spoke it people wouldnt interpret it as rude
    because my tone of voice wouldnt be

  • ALZulas:

    Your brain produces 2k neurons every day. If you don’t use them you lose
    them. So, if you learn a new skill or accomplish a difficult new task those
    become incorporated into the brain. That’s why it’s great to learn
    something new as you age because it puts those new neurons to work for you!

  • ryanshaver:

    I wonder what the scope is for these studies when it comes to testing for
    cognition. If one wanted to become better at analytic-logical reasoning,
    would that require an extra activity? These questions are important
    considering how the United States among other nations has many individuals
    above 60 involved in complex socio-economic-legal issues (almost all
    requiring logical deductions). Any thoughts on tasks to increase or enforce
    this sort of learning/thinking?

  • FlashySenap:

    german and spanish seems the most usefull language to learn, also if you’re
    into business you should add Chinese… And if you’re working in the
    criminal worlds, russia and Japanese as well XD

  • CJ Carter:

    Or, more succinctly, for as long as you are able, don’t stop learning new
    things. And if you sing a jaunty tune while you’re at it, so much the

    Trouble is, it’s easier in concept than application. Work, life, those damn
    kids, wear-and-tear, illnesses and conditions, capricious externals like
    governments and markets…they all conspire to block your path toward
    life/qol extension. You’ll need to carve out some time and work for it.
    But, after a handful of decades or more, it’s not so easy for many to do.

    Still, if you have the time, resources, and interest, yes — learn. Engage
    your mind. It may help, but if not, you at least had a nice diversion for a
    while, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • karkat vantas:

    I would love to learn a diffrent language, I already sing in other
    languages. But I’m not sure which language I want to learn. Should I try
    mandarin, japanese, or spanish?

  • gorgiousbowl7:

    I am dutch, and i know a lot of languages, (of course) dutch and english,
    and i can also speak french and german a little bit :)

  • Benimation:

    Now and then I like to learn the basics of a language. I’ve done so for
    Spanish, Esperanto and Russian and planning to do so for Mandarin and

  • Mads Hesseldahl:

    Learn Danish ;) not because it’s useful, but because a lot different from
    what you normally would hear, and you will be abel to speak a language no
    one els can. Soo yeah, not useful at all, but i’ll give you a bowl of
    Rødgrød med fløde, if you can pronounce it!

  • M0z:

    Does playing video games keep your brain active?

  • Dan Moriarity:

    Never… ever… try to learn Japanese, I thought it would be fun to take
    it as a collage course… NO! NO! no it is not fun! there language is
    easily the hardest language to learn out of any other language they have
    multiple alphabets and there children speak another version of the language
    made for kids cause the real one is to hard! kids dont learn ways to refer
    to themselves in anything other than the third person until they are young
    teens, and ontop of that there are so many little rules cause the Japanese
    language is like there culture, extremely neat and tidy, there are deferent
    ways to say hello based on class, age, how well you know the person,
    weather or not they are a superior and a whole crap load of rules and if
    you so much as say good morning to someone in there own home or classroom
    you have offended them cause you have stripped them of there right to be
    polite, so if any of you think “It might be fun to learn Japanese” stop
    right there! besides its completely useless as most people in japan learn
    enough English to communicate and they find nothing funnier than a stupid
    westerner coming in and trying to impress them with there mad Japanese
    skills and sounding like a idiot.

  • MoviMakr:

    @spinsaw Arabic is not the “greatest” or oldest written language. There is
    no greatest language; all languages have special meanings for different
    peoples. Lastly, Sumerian cuneiform is the oldest written language.

  • OhevTorathMoshe:

    How fitting that my religion teaches me that Torah study is “our life and
    the length of our days.” It brings my teachers and students to study works
    written in Hebrew, Aramaic, classical Arabic and Judeo-Spanish. In our
    ancient way of life, in the Commandments we fulfill, we continually sharpen
    our minds in legal argument, and through synthesizing our traditions with
    the discoveries of modern science. We sing together every Sabbath, and
    dance at the many joyous occasions we celebrate. In light of the
    discoveries cited in this video, with respect to other peoples in the world
    and their traditions, I am so grateful to be an observant Jew.

  • ThatGirl:

    Hey, DNews! Could you do a video on genetic engineering, future of genetic
    engineering, etc., etc….because I’m pretty sure viewers would freak if
    there was some possible way to make unicorns, pegasi, and all that good
    stuff :) thankyaa

  • MsWannabeGamer:

    It’s definitely true that the brain needs to be challenged. Most people
    stop really thinking and challenging themselves when they finish high
    school, IF they even finish it. They become very slow after the age of 50
    and it’s a challenge to teach them, well, anything. Whereas you have people
    of 80 who are eager to learn, keep up with the world around them and are
    sharp as a whip.

  • Gus Andre:

    Learn portuguese! It’s a beautiful language and it’s a lot of fun, plus the
    benefit of being able to talk to the girls in Brazil is an added bonus.
    Search up Duolingo, it’s a free online rosetta stone, it’s got a great
    interface. Highly recommend to everyone. Upvote so people who want to learn
    a new language can

  • LynneSkysong:

    I like German would be among (if not the easiest) language to learn for a
    native English speaker. English was a Germanic language way back in the day
    when it was Old English. *Real* Old English, btw. What many people think is
    Old English is actually Middle English. Of course, I work for a German
    company and I can barely figure out how to say the few words I know. I took
    Spanish in high school and with both proper pronunciation is the hardest
    part. And they aren’t even as different as, say the Chinese languages that
    have 4-9 different tone as well as different sounds that English speakers
    won’t be familiar with. I think I’ll stick with German before tackling
    something like that.

  • taipeikartman:

    Smoke cannabis. Its great for your joints and gives you lots of energy. It
    makes exercise or anything for that matter FUN! It helps you to control
    your food intake and increases your desire to eat healthy. Since it
    enhances all of your senses it gives you an incredible sense of well being
    and increased overall quality of life. Smoke with friends and enjoy great
    conversation and the best thing is NO hangover.

  • Leon612:

    So that’s why gays live long and happy lives; they sing all those musicals.

  • McLovin:

    Trace, why, oh why, would you ever wear that shirt in a video. My eyeballs
    have significantly dried out from forcing myself not to blink.

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