Alzheimer’s breakthroughs ‘turn the tide’ – Truthloader Investigates

Alzheimer’s researchers have announced two major breakthroughs in the past week. The first, via the University of Florida, is a test which uses the smell of …

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  • GoshirnGaming:

    Well played sir, well played.

  • Angel Archer:

    I’m worth more to this earth then you, being a Eco Vegan. I do not abuse and help destroy the earth or torture and extinct poor, defencless animals.
    You fuck off, you’re like cancer to the earth.

  • Eddie Earthlings:

    Imagine what humanity could do, instead playing wars and banksters!

  • BenMinusTheTen:

    I can’t hear you over this turkey sandwich

  • Angel Archer:

    Good thing you’re reading then.

  • premeditatedintent:

    Since 2001 scientist have demonstrated improved cognitive performance in both dementia and alzheimers patients whom are given Samambaia (Polypodium decumanum). Restores the elasticity to skin, natural ultraviolet sunscreen,treats psoriasis and is harvested by local tribes in the amazon. Read about at “rain-tree”. Leslie Taylor is my flipping hero! Needless suffering MUST be relieved. Cancer can make the best researchers OUT OF ANYBODY!

  • IndiaSergeant:

    Aren’t WE self-righteous! Eco Vegan…wow, do you get to wear a tee shirt for that or do you just jam your beliefs down other peoples throats manually? I’m a vegetarian and idiots like you make me want to eat bacon again just to piss you off.

  • Abdul Boss:

    good tits XD

  • BenMinusTheTen:

    And eating meat and enjoying life

  • pingvins5:

    Agriculture destroys viable earth as well you fucking angel. And while some blood types do amazingly well with green stuff we’re omnivores so goodluck keeping your eyes out on multitude of signs that you’ve missed your portion of some nuts that is the only green counterpart for a nutrient meat provides easily.

  • Maximiliaan Ronaldszoon:

    0:40 I see boobs.

  • RazzorG:

    Woh that second story is MASSIVE

  • Thomas Scully:

    Just great, even more comments from the doctor now telling me.

    “STOP SMOKING, you won’t be able to smell the peanut butter.”

  • Megan Williams:

    What about those that can’t be near peanut butter

  • JustMakinProgress:

    “Can you Smell the Peanut Butter? dont look at my Boobs. Do you Smell the peanut Butter now? dont look at my boobs. How about now…”

  • claire twine:

    Is it crunchy or smooth peanut butter lol

  • Hans Blitz:

    The FDA won’t approve it if it works too well. BigPharmaCorp will be sure of that. They don’t want to cure diseases, they want to keep sick people alive as long as possible so they can sell them medicine.

  • Peter Wexler:

    The news reader in this segment needs either a wax job or to stop wearing V-neck shirts.

  • ReMo79:

    I bet everybody that watched this went to the cupboard to trythe peanut butter test to check for Alzheimer’s LOL

  • sinbin365:

    That’s not how you pronounce “trigeminal”
    It’s “Try – jem – in – al ”
    You should have someone with some scientific knowledge presenting these

  • Angel Archer:

    Give me one argument about why we are Omnivores. Please. I guarantee you that I will prove you wrong.

  • ares647:

    somebodies getting a little too full of themselves, freaking econazi’s jesus christ people like you (and before you go off putting words into my mouth or try to twist my argument, i’m not defending poachers and i’m not saying all vegitarians are terrible people, i’m talking about insane radicals like you who think they’re above everyone because they think a little differently) make me ashamed to be human a hell of a lot more than poachers or butchers do

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