Alzheimer’s Disease (Understanding Disease: Neurology)

Get the facts on Alzheimer’s disease with this 100%-accurate animated video. Part of Focus Apps’ Understanding Disease: Neurology series, the Alzheimer’s Disease app explains the function,…

15 Responses to “Alzheimer’s Disease (Understanding Disease: Neurology)”

  • George Louis:

    Okay so how do you rebuild their brains?

  • DjangosBurntFingers:

    You can’t. Prevention of the condition is the goal at this point.

  • AllUserNamesTaken111:

    this is awful

  • Les Subrick:

    I hate fucking Alzheimers! It killed my Uncle!

  • ImTheWoaT:

    My mom has this and this disease ****** sucks

  • skeet4211:

    My father had this disease for over 15 years. He passed Sept. 2012. It’s
    really tough to watch as this disease slowly takes different functions away.

  • Yecco:

    Thank you for creating this video and sharing this v. important
    information. Please check out our videos, visit and follow us on
    twitter @TeamYecoo. We are a worldwide online social network for family
    relatives to communicate with an individual who has dementia, by sending
    photos, messages, reminders and updates to prevent isolation and

  • Reynaldo Redingco:

    thx for the vid now i know what is alzheimer’s dissease for my studies i’m
    in grade 6

  • kael00tids:

    no pathogenesis of the dse… :/

  • Damian Copado:


  • Damian Copado:

    Dementia is a loss of mental functioning. Theres no, medication, therapy,
    nutrition, religionto cure to it. People who dont have dementia and still
    living in their 80s are lucky that they can still drive, shop, and do all
    kinds of social acitivities..

  • alz123alz:

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