What disease should most research be done to find a cure?

1. Diabetes
2. Hiv/AIDS
3. Cancers
4. Common Cold
5. Alzheimers
6. Autism
Do you know someone with the disease you chose?

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3 Responses to “What disease should most research be done to find a cure?”

  • KATHY B:

    Autism. You can’t prevent the chance of it happening (like AIDS, Type 2 diabetes), it’s not harmless (like the common cold), there is little research done on it and there are NO cures (many types of cancers have very high cure rates). It’s also diagnosed primarily in young children (unlike Alzheimers) and is growing in staggering rates. Without some sort of "cure", there are going to be mass numbers of non-verbal, non-functional people. Early Intervention and diagnostic clinics are already overwhelmed and not taking new patients. Schools don’t know what to do, nor do parents.

  • Braidy:

    Cancers. I know a lot of people who have had cancer.

  • crunchycookie23:

    CANCER! because the most amount of people die from it than any other disease in this country…i think.

    why do u have common cold up there, no offense but people really shouldn’t worry about a cure for that especially with Cancer…Aids…and Alzheimers on the lose.

    Also diabeaties, and autism, souldnt really get a cure before cancer, and stuff, because you can’t die from those…

    Hope i helped! :-)

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